Our Harry's War 1914-1918

1553 Sgt. G.H. Morgan, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
by Henry Morgan - Paperback (2002)

Our Harry's War

WW1 is a well covered subject but this work is a new approach. Sgt.Harry Morgan takes us through some of the most violent battles of the Great War. We go with him to share the experience, but not the fearful dangers that these men faced. Joining the Royal Warwickshire Regiment with a friend in 1913, these two boys of 17yrs anticipated an exciting time.
In no way did they expect the death and carnage they found themselves embroiled in. Harry came through to the end in 1918, but his best mate Fred died aged 20yrs.

Harry's notes form the basis of this new book, researched and written by his son Henry.

Enthralling reading,
a memorable gift.

Rydan Publishing presents the 'must have' book for anyone studying the Great War.

It is 1913, and a 17 year old Birmingham lad decides together with his mate, to seek excitement and travel by joining the army. This entrancing true story tells of Harry's fight for survival against almost impossible odds in the hell spots of Mons, the Somme, Ypres, Contalmaison and others.

Harry was one of six brothers, all in Front Line positions across Belgium and France and all of whom miraculously survived. This enthralling book is based upon Harry's personal, hand written notebooks, taking you into 'The Great War' through the eyes of a mis-informed youth as he moves from boy to man, and raw recruit to fully experienced sergeant, picking up some unexpected responsibilities along the way.

Let this book show you what was happening to 'Our Men at the Front' as Harry reveals his thoughts, fears, anguish and finally resentment.

If you seek a gift for someone who appreciates books of this period, they will be delighted to add it to their collection. This book has warmth and charm to appeal to those people interested in the real war.

Our Harry's War

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